Deigni Plastic Surgery

Deigni Plastic Surgery specializes in giving people the face and body that they’ve always wanted. Texans in the Houston area choose Dr. Deigni for their cosmetic surgery.

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Deigni Plastic Surgery of Houston is the choice of men and women looking to be their best. Texans demand excellence in all they do. It’s obvious from the popularity of Deigni Plastic Surgery that they’ve found that important quality in Dr. Olivier Deigni.


Dr. Deigni and his staff look forward to meeting with you and discussing the body transformation that you want to achieve. Working together, you can discover the treatment that will help you to finally achieve your goals.

Perhaps, you’re considering a Mommy Makeover to regain the shape you had before the kids. You may be thinking about a little liposuction to complement your fitness program and help remove specific and troublesome areas of fat. Or, maybe you’ve always been a little self-conscious about the size or shape of your breasts and have always wanted a breast augmentation.


Deigni Plastic Surgery performs many procedures for both men and women including facelifts, the removal of excess breast tissue in men, and the Brazilian butt lift for women. Whatever body issue you want to tackle, Dr. Deigni and his staff have the experience to give you the look you’ve long desired.

Mommy Makeover

You love being a mother, but you may not love the effect that pregnancy has had on your body. If you want to reclaim your shape, a Mommy Makeover can be your answer.

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As you know, pregnancy affects several areas of your body, not just one. Our Mommy Makeover addresses multiple parts of your body to produce the look you want.

For example, any combination of procedures may be used. You and your doctor will make the selection of which procedures to use based on what’s right for you. Typical procedures used in a Mommy Makeover include:

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Together, the procedures tighten the abdominal area to remove the all-too-familiar bulge that comes with pregnancy. They also restore fullness to the breasts and correct sagging. Plus, a Mommy Makeover can give you a shapely bottom that will never again make you hesitant to put on a bathing suit.

Pregnancy required nine months to alter your body. Deigni Plastic Surgery can undo the damage in as little as six to seven hours. There’s one interesting thing to keep in mind about the Mommy Makeover—it's not just for moms. That’s right. You can have a Mommy Makeover without the kids.

There can be several other reasons why you’d like the benefits that come with the bundled procedures of our Mommy Makeover. They’re available to anyone.

Complete recovery varies from person to person and generally takes 7-10 days. Just think—in less than two weeks you could look in the mirror and see the body you’ve always wanted. Mommy Makeovers make it possible to embrace motherhood without letting go of your figure.


Even people who are in excellent overall physical condition may have stubborn areas of fat that remain despite the correct dieting and exercise. Often, the answer is liposuction.

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Liposuction is one of the more popular requests plastic surgeons receive. Liposuction is a complete procedure in and of itself however, it’s often combined with other procedures to achieve a total body makeover. This is the case with our Mommy Makeover.

People often struggle with specific areas of their body that hold onto fat regardless of their fitness regimen. Some of those areas include:

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Some fitness enthusiasts have performed countless numbers of sit-ups, lunges, and other exercises in the hope that they could make troublesome fat go away. Often their efforts produce little improvement. It’s not their fault. The human body is prone to hold on to fat deposits in certain areas.

Liposuction eliminates the problem in one brief procedure. Stand-alone liposuction can be performed in just 1-3 hours depending on the number of areas being treated.

Breast Augmentation

Almost everyone knows at least one woman who has had breast augmentation. That’s how common the procedure has become.

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Interestingly, women tend to speak as much, if not more, about the positive effect the procedure had on their self-esteem and outlook on life than they do about their physical appearance.

The success rate and stunning results speak for themselves and convince more women to consider the procedure. It’s an excellent way to give the breast needed volume that may have been lost with pregnancy, aging, or weight reduction.

The success rate and stunning results speak for themselves and convince more women to consider the procedure. It’s an excellent way to give the breast needed volume that may have been lost with pregnancy, aging, or weight reduction. The procedure is straightforward. The surgeon makes a small incision, often beneath the breast, and then inserts an implant that is filled with either saline or silicone.

The implants can be smooth or textured. They can also be either round or teardrop shaped. Your selection of implant is a personal choice that you’ll make after consulting with your doctor. The decision that every woman is aware she’ll have to make involves the size of the implant. Once again, this is a personal decision and one that is best made after receiving the professional opinion of your experienced surgeon.

The procedure is relatively quick with minimal discomfort and within a matter of a few hours you’ll be back home relaxing and recovering. After your surgery, your doctor will instruct you to wear a bra that is softer than your typical bra. It will support your breasts but not put undue pressure on them. The first few days after surgery, you’ll want to limit your activity, but you’ll be able to resume your normal schedule shortly thereafter.