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Who Are Good Candidates For a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Most adults have unwanted fat deposits somewhere on their body. If that describes you, having such fat works to your advantage for a Brazilian butt lift. It gives your doctor a ready source of fat to harvest and use to plump your buttocks.

If you are underweight or have little fat that can be used for the procedure, the Brazilian butt lift may not be an option. The doctor needs to harvest more fat than he will use because some of the fat cells won’t be suitable for transfer.

The fat must also be fat that’s ideal for liposuction. If the fat is taken from the abs, it has to be fat that’s above the abdominal muscles. Fat lying beneath abdominal muscles or close to organs is not the kind of fat that liposuction is designed to remove.

The best candidates also don’t have any skin conditions in the area of the surgical site that would make healing difficult.


The consultation is the perfect opportunity for you to discuss with Dr. Deigni any concerns you have about the procedure. For example, together you can determine the most likely areas where the doctor will remove the excess fat.


One of the reasons that the Brazilian butt lift is popular is because it can achieve a natural look. Unless someone has known you for a long time, they will probably never suspect that you’ve undergone cosmetic surgery.

Of course, it requires a skilled surgeon to carefully harvest fat cells and then artistically graft them in such a way to make the buttocks symmetrical, curvy, and appealing.

Other procedures to augment the buttocks, such as using implants, require more work to give the patient a natural look. It’s more likely that onlookers will spot an implant than a Brazilian butt lift.

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