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Dr. Olivier Deigni performs Mommy Makeovers to give mothers the body they had before pregnancy.  Mothers in the Houston area have learned to trust Deigni Plastic Surgery to restore their youthful appearance.

New mothers adore their new lives but long for the bodies they had before pregnancy.  A Mommy Makeover removes fat deposits and recontours the body to achieve the healthier and more youthful appearance you desire.


The Mommy Makeover is a bundled service of various procedures. It’s typical for a Mommy Makeover to include most of the following:

Each woman is distinct, and pregnancy will affect each woman differently. Accordingly, the procedures will change with each client. Some new mothers will notice greater changes in their abs, while others may see a more drastic difference in their breasts or buttocks. However, the objective remains the same—to give you your pre-pregnancy appearance.

Mommy Makeover Consultation

At Deigni Plastic Surgery, you’re not just one in the crowd—you’re a unique individual. Dr. Deigni wants to get to know you better, so expect to have a relaxed but detailed consultation with him regarding your makeover.



Dr. Deigni wants to determine your overall level of health. He wants to take note of any special issues that could influence surgery. For example, do you have a noteworthy pre-existing health condition? This could be anything from a heart murmur to a phobia such as claustrophobia. The doctor will also want to be aware of any surgeries you had.

Who Are Good Candidates for a Mommy Makeover?

Plastic surgeons created Mommy Makeovers for moms, of course. But you don’t have to be a mother to receive the benefits of a Mommy Makeover. Any woman who meets the basic qualifications can be a candidate for a Mommy Makeover.


In general, a woman needs to have sound health. This doesn’t mean that she has to have the fitness of a world-class athlete. It simply means that she doesn’t have any serious medical condition that would hinder surgery.


It’s also best if she has no intention of becoming pregnant again. You will lose the effects of the makeover once your body begins to experience the changes that are natural during pregnancy.


Dr. Deigni also wants to make sure that the client has a reasonable expectation of what she can expect to achieve with the makeover. Results can be dramatic, but they’re limited by several main factors: the woman’s basic body shape and her conditioning.

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